May 17, 2002

Prolinx, Inc. Awarded Frost & Sullivan 2002 Technology Innovation Award

Bothell, WA,- Prolinx®, Inc. announced today that the company has been selected to receive the 2002 Market Engineering Technology Innovation Award by Frost & Sullivan for its Versalinx Protein Microarray Technology. Frost & Sullivan, an international strategic market consulting and training firm founded in 1961, presents these awards to companies that demonstrate the diligence, perseverance, and dedication required to develop a successful business plan and excel in the increasingly competitive global marketplace. Protein arrays, also known as protein biochips, are a collection of discrete protein or peptide spots on a solid surface, each of which represents an individual assay. The use of protein arrays is a rapid and cost effective method for screening a large number of samples for proteomics and drug discovery research applications and represents an emerging growth market.

Protein arrays, analogous to DNA arrays used widely in genomics applications, represent a technological challenge for researchers due to the fact that proteins and peptides are fragile and vary widely in structure and function. Versalinx Protein Microarray Technology is a universal, open-platform protein or peptide array system based on the Prolinx Versalinx synthetic small molecule, affinity chemistry. Versalinx technology provides the robust and highly stable surface chemistry that overcomes the challenges presented by protein arrays, enabling development of sensitive protein biochips. Advantages include: individual array elements may be optimized to maximize performance of each individual protein or peptide yielding high signal-to-noise ratios, uniform spot morphology and signal intensities with fewer assay steps. The technology is fully compatible with existing automated techniques and systems, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced potential for human error. Prolinx released the Versalinx Protein Microarray product line in late 2001.

The Frost & Sullivan Engineering Award for Technology Innovation was awarded to Prolinx, Inc. for the development of an enabling technology that addresses a significant challenge in the protein array marketplace. This award recognizes the ability of the company to successfully develop and introduce new technology, formulate a well-designed product family, and make significant product performance contributions to the industry. The award resulted from an analyst team research project on emerging and existing technologies and R&D developments. This project involved interviews with major market participants and extensive secondary research. Also considered were elements such as product launches, customer acceptance, penetration rates and time to market.

"The protein array market has been restrained due to technical challenges inherent in maintaining full function following protein immobilization," stated Eric Gay, industry analyst "The Versalinx Protein Microarray technology is a powerful tool in not only this respect, but also in enabling the immobilization and instantaneous optimization of proteins with distinct chemistries on the same surface. We anticipate rapid market penetration for this technology in a market where the ability to define content is paramount."

"Receiving the Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation is a great honor for Prolinx," commented Jim Mahoney, President & CEO. "The extraordinary focus, high standard of technical excellence, creativity and dedication of the entire Prolinx team allowed us to bring this enabling technology to market very quickly. The team continues to innovate and will continue to introduce new products focused on the emerging proteomics market."

Prolinx, founded in 1995, is a privately held biotechnology company located north of Seattle, Washington, USA. The company develops, manufactures, and markets chemistry based tools, applications, and systems that advance developments in bioresearch, biotechnology and drug discovery. The company has commercialized a number of proprietary technologies including: Versalinx Chemical Affinity Tools, a synthetic chemical affinity technology targeted at the proteomics and genomics markets; Versalinx Protein Microarray Technology, a novel open platform array system specifically designed to enable developments in the emerging protein and peptide chip market; and RapXtract Superparamagnetic Separation Technology for the purification of fluorescent labeling reactions used in sequencing and microarray applications. The company is also developing instrumentation for label-free molecular interaction analysis based upon advances in surface plasmon resonance technology. The first instrument, the Octave Molecular Interaction Analysis System, will be released in 2002.

Prolinx is a registered trademark, and Octave, and Versalinx are trademarks, of Prolinx, Inc.

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