June 15 , 2004


Open Solutions Informed of Pending Distribution of Shares of Common Stock by Menlo Ventures

Open Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ: OPEN) announced today that it has been informed by Menlo Ventures, a long-time stockholder, that Menlo plans to distribute its 1,819,028 shares of Open Solutions common stock to its limited and general partners.


About Open Solutions Open Solutions Inc. offers a fully featured strategic product platform thatintegrates core data processing applications, built on a single centralized Oracle relational database, with financial accounting, Internet banking, cash management, electronic commerce, lending origination and imaging solutions. OSI's full suite of products and services allows banks and credit unions to better compete in today's aggressive financial services marketplace, expand and tap their trusted financial relationships, client affinity, community presence and personalized service. For more information about Open Solutions, or its financial product line

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