September 10, 2002


Open Solutions Successfully Completes Benchmarking For $40 Billion Model Institution

Core processing platform exceeds expectations

GLASTONBURY, Conn., - Open Solutions Inc. (OSI), a provider of integrated enabling technologies for financial institutions, announced the successful completion of a benchmarking and performance test of its relational Oracle-based core banking systems, The Complete Banking Solution (TCBS)/The Complete Credit Union Solution (TCCUS), for data models and volumes comparable to that of a top 100 financial institution.

Open Solutions, traditionally focused on community financial institutions, completed the performance test to assess OSI's core systems' ability to withstand the throughput of a top 100 institution. The company benchmarked its core data processing solution on an advanced database platform running Unix, along with Windows®-based servers and workstations. The benchmark was run with data models comparable to and simulating a financial institution with $40 billion in assets, 4 million accounts, 560 branches, 3,235 tellers, high volume ATM, VRU, Internet access, etc. to verify its core banking system's scalability.

"Vendor after vendor in the industry will assert that its product is scalable," said Open Solutions Chairman and CEO Louis Hernandez, Jr. "Open Solutions felt saying it was not enough. We took the same open architecture and relational technology that we use to run $1 billion and $2 billion plus financial institutions throughout the country and processed data for a simulated institution 40 times that size with the same efficiency and service levels with no denigration of operation. Open Solutions proved that we can deliver what many industry competitors can only promise -- a flexible, fully integrated, multi-channel, scalable operating and data processing platform capable of handling a financial institution's growth into perpetuity."

One of the primary objectives of the benchmark was to demonstrate the OSI system's ability to effectively process the volumes of data and transactions required by a large institution. The results indicate that the Open Solutions core system can easily support a growing institution's projected volumes and processing requirements. In fact, online processing, with a full spectrum of activity, surpassed the targeted goals. The online architecture and databases fully met and exceeded the requirements for processing performance. A full batch cycle was completed and supported the full volumes of the model institution data.

"Open Solutions is proud of the results garnered from the benchmarking study," said Charlie Beer, Chief Technology Officer of Open Solutions. "Our technology leads the industry, and this study further validates that fact. Our clients aggressively seek higher levels of efficiency and service, and, as their industry partner, we embrace the opportunity to help them achieve those goals via the most powerful asset a financial institution can have: an open, feature-rich and scalable enabling platform."

Using industry information, business volumes were approximated and anticipated account and transaction volumes of the institution were increased to an anticipated 50 percent growth over five years. A combination of teller, ATM and VRU/Web activity was simulated. The results of the benchmark are viewed as an overwhelming success. The goal was to prove that the TCBS/TCCUS system could scale to the volume of customers and accounts (4 million) of a financial institution of approximately $40 billion in assets. As such, the scalability of the system was clearly demonstrated. Data loading and online activity in the benchmark exceeded the scalability targets set prior to the test. The benchmark results validated the database architecture, Oracle performance, and suitability of the OSI platform for the job of processing volumes and an aggressive mix of accounts and transactions.

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