October 25, 2004



airwide solutions launches New CDMA Over The Air Solution - airactive
Montreal, October 25, 2004 - airwide solutions today announced the launch of its latest product, airactive, which can substantially reduce subscribers' phone activation and update costs. airactive allows CDMA mobile operators to provision and update handsets remotely on behalf of subscribers by formatting the relevant OTA (Over The Air) messages carried over SMS (Short Message Service), and sending them to the targeted device via SS7. Because the solution integrates directly to the network, it has no impact on quality of service for existing SMS services.

airactive encompasses two solutions:
Over-the-Air Service Provisioning (OTASP): A simple voice call between the subscriber and the customer service centre ensures that subscriber services are activated.

Over-the-Air-Parameter Administration (OTAPA): Initiated by the network service provider, invisible to the subscriber, allows such changes as roaming list updates." airwide solutions has leveraged its wealth of experience in the CDMA messaging industry to provide operators with airactive" commented Terry McCabe, President Americas Region, airwide solutions. " airactive is designed to scale with an operator's subscriber base growth and to support the most demanding capacity requirements.
airactive is build on airwide's Intelligent Network (IN) Platform that is also the basis of air'n'able text, our well established SMSC solution."

airwide solutions has already deployed airactive in a large US wireless operator and is planning more deployments in the near future.

About airwide solutions
airwide solutions, headquartered in Reading, UK was founded on July 26, 2004 following the acquisition of Schlumberger Messaging Solution (MSG) by Taral Networks. The company provides innovative messaging and content delivery management solutions to over 75 wireless operators, content providers and aggregators around the world. Core products include SMSC, MMSC, MMS push and router gateways, Value-Added-Services (VAS) management and Intelligent Networking Applications. airwide solutions has regional headquarters in North America (Montreal) and Australia (Sydney). For more information, visit www.airwidesolutions.com.