June 19, 2007

Airwide unveils mobile industry's first open standards

New version of AirMessenger Router allows operators to capitalize on new revenue opportunities while protecting subscribers

BURLINGTON, Mass. and READING, U.K. - June 19, 2007 - Airwide™ Solutions today unveiled a new version of AirMessenger Router, the only open-standards-based, intelligent messaging router that enables mobile operators to safeguard subscribers from unwanted spam and viruses. AirMessenger Router's enhanced flexibility and security support the Airwide Fusion tiered architecture that allows operators to quickly and affordably launch new revenue-generating services to meet subscriber demand.

AirMessenger Router leverages the common open policy service (COPS) protocol, which provides an industry standard interface that operators can use to connect to high-performing third-party spam, content and virus filters without having to spend time and money custom-coding the interface. AirMessenger Router gives operators the option of using built-in anti-fraud and anti-spam capabilities or using third-party solutions that suit their specific needs.

Mobile operators can now use AirMessenger Router to block spam messages that, for example, could launch unwanted handset updates that could corrupt subscribers' phones, requiring expensive repairs. Operators will also protect subscribers from fraud schemes in which a fraudster impersonates a legitimate subscriber's identity for the purposes of sending viruses or other destructive behavior.

Consistent messaging across multiple networks
AirMessenger Router also enables operators to deploy home network routing environments that streamline communication with third-party networks, ensuring subscribers can send and receive messages accurately, and with the preferences they have on their home networks. AirMessenger Router delivers user defined spam filter settings and allows subscribers to continue to utilize other types of personalized ringtones and SMS services even when roaming on another operator's network. This unique combination of home network routing and COPS as enabled by the new version of AirMessenger Router allows operators to offer new value-added services to message recipients, protecting subscribers and reducing churn. This ability to add value and enhance user-defined control is a key element of Mobile Messaging 2.0, the emerging definition of next-generation mobile messaging.

AirMessenger Router builds on Airwide's Fusion architecture by giving operators the option of deploying an intelligent router that can deliver most messages on first attempt, without incurring costs and delays for unnecessary storage. The Fusion architecture breaks up monolithic messaging infrastructures into tiers, including: storage, access and delivery, control, and applications. Airwide's evolving product portfolio addresses each of these tiers through componentized offerings that provide unprecedented scalability and support multiple messaging types. In addition to AirMessenger Router, Airwide's componentized offerings include the previously announced AirMessenger Store and AirGate.

"Customers want more control over their messaging services, including the ability to filter out spam, viruses and inappropriate content. Operators want to provide those services cost effectively and still increase average revenue per user," said Airwide Chief Technology Officer Vince Kadar. "This version of AirMessenger Router lets operators use standards-based devices to capitalize on new revenue opportunities and strengthen their market position."

Pricing and availability
The latest version of AirMessenger Router is available immediately and priced according to system requirements.

About Airwide Solutions
Airwide Solutions is the innovation leader in next-generation mobile messaging infrastructure and applications. Its products allow more than 80 wireless operators in 46 countries to deliver and manage the millions of mobile messages their subscribers send every day. With a history of industry firsts - including the first text message ever sent and the introduction of the first SMS router and A2P MMSC - the company continues to pioneer new technologies. Airwide's open Fusion architecture offers mobile operators more revenue options and a practical pathway to Mobile Messaging 2.0, while giving subscribers more messaging choices.

Airwide Solutions operates globally with offices in Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Africa. For more information about Airwide Solutions, please visit www.airwidesolutions.com.