October 7, 2002

Prolinx Inc. Announces Distribution Agreement with VWR International for RapXtract Superparamagnetic Separation Technology

Bothell, WA, USA – Prolinx, Inc. today announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with VWR International of West Chester, Pennsylvania. VWR, a leading worldwide distributor of scientific equipment, supplies, chemicals and furniture, will distribute the Prolinx RapXtract® Superparamagnetic Separation Technology and accessories in the United States and Canada. RapXtract separation technology is used in DNA sequencing and gene expression arrays used widely in life science research and biotechnology.

RapXtract Superparamagnetic Technology is based upon proprietary superparamagnetic particles that use mass action to remove dye labeled precursors from nucleic acid labeling reactions. The technology presents a paradigm shift for purification due to its unique method. The technology "reverse purification" enables full automation, reduces sample-processing time and allows for minimum sample volumes as required by high throughput laboratories for use in applications such as whole genome analysis, single-nucleotide polymorphism discovery, drug discovery research, toxicology analysis and pharmacogenomics. Prolinx currently offers two product lines based upon the RapXtract Technology, RapXtract Dye Terminator Removal Kits and RapXtract Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Purification Kit.

"Accessing the supply chain management capabilities of a world class distribution organization like VWR International is essential for a company with leading edge technology like Prolinx," stated Jim Mahoney, president and CEO, Prolinx, Inc. "We expect this agreement to significantly impact our market penetration and revenue going forward."

"Prolinx is a truly innovative company and we at VWR look forward to this relationship," stated Ed Sapp, Director of Marketing for Life Sciences at VWR International.

VWR International is a global leader in Life Science laboratory product distribution serving the industrial, pharmaceutical, educational and governmental markets. VWR also provides Production Supplies and Services to meet the needs of electronic and pharmaceutical production. The VWR International Group is headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and generates annual sales of US $2.5 billion. VWR International operates in 18 countries and employs more than 6,000 people. VWR's mission is to deliver excellence in the distribution of scientific supplies. .

Prolinx, founded in 1995, is a privately held biotechnology company located north of Seattle, Washington, USA. The company develops, manufactures, and markets chemistry based tools, applications, and systems that advance developments in bioresearch, biotechnology and drug discovery. The company has commercialized a number of proprietary technologies including: Versalinx Chemical Affinity Tools, a synthetic chemical affinity technology targeted at the proteomics and genomics markets; Versalinx Protein Microarray Technology, a novel open platform array system specifically designed to enable developments in the emerging protein and peptide chip market; and RapXtract Superparamagnetic Separation Technology for the purification of fluorescent labeling reactions used in sequencing and microarray applications. The company is also developing instrumentation for label-free molecular interaction analysis based upon advances in surface plasmon resonance technology. The first instrument, the Octave Molecular Interaction Analysis System, will be released in 2002.

Prolinx is a registered trademark, and Octave, and Versalinx are trademarks, of Prolinx, Inc.

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