May 15, 2003

Sumitomo Mitsui Begins Enterprise Initiative with Metastorm BPM Technology

Deployment Meets Data Management, Integration and Reporting Criteria for Screening New Customers, Complying with Patriot Act and Basle II

The first process targeted for completion is customer information collection, a procedure with varying degrees of success in its current form because data is collected, confirmed, maintained and audited in many different and manual ways. With the new division-wide and automated process, SMBC can more readily prepare to meet the requirements of the Basle II accord, the revamped international code of conduct for banks to disclose information and report credit risks.

In the U.S., the BPM-based process will provide all members of the division in the U.S., Europe and Asia with a personalized user interface that facilitates data input relevant to their specific region. The data will be merged from the multiple sources, vetted via SMBC's Patriot Act system that either approves the new customer or flags it for further investigation, and then fed into an existing Oracle database to create a customer record. The Metastorm system, based on the company's e-Work platform, also will integrate with Sumitomo Mitsui's eDirectory from Novell, and its portal from Microsoft and Novell.

"While meeting the requirements of the Patriot Act and the Basle II accord are necessary by themselves, we looked at this initiative in the context of our global enterprise and how we could make data collection work better for SMBC," says Ris? Zaiser, vice president of information systems at SMBC. "Metastorm's BPM solution provides a seamless flow for customer data collection, can be deployed quickly, and is flexible enough to adapt to process changes."

Sumitomo Mitsui plans to add other steps to the process, such as report generation and downstream data feeds so that data can be used in other applications. After the initial project, the company plans on rolling out a new BPM-based process for tracking applications, approvals and assignments of system user identifications and passwords.

"Compliance with the laws of many countries is a very significant issue for global financial services customers like SMBC, but it can't be approached as a single issue because there are other topics to wrap around compliance and thus create opportunities for improving enterprise efficiency," says Scott Hughes, vice president of Americas Operations at Metastorm. "Metastorm's approach to BPM, with people as part of a process, is increasingly the facilitator for enterprises to find those opportunities."

Organizations are increasingly incorporating BPM because it offers a fresh approach to efficiency and productivity. According to recent research from Gartner Group, 85 percent of survey respondents achieved these key process benefits from BPM: reduction in elapsed time, higher productivity per person, improved quality/reduced errors, reduced number of steps, and higher employee satisfaction.


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