February 3, 2003



Online Testing Exchange, Portal and Publishing Business Units Achieve Record Results

Los Angeles, CA. -IFILM Corp. (www.ifilm.com) a leading consumer destination and entertainment marketing resource comprising the IFILM Network, Online Testing Exchange and the Hollywood Creative Directory, has achieved profitability for 2002 and appointed Adam Frank CEO of the company, announced Co-Founder and exiting CEO, Kevin Wendle. Wendle will remain active as a member of the Company's Board of Directors and the Executive Management Committee

"With IFILM now profitable and all three business units achieving record results, it's a great time for me to turn the management of the company over to Adam Frank, OTX President Shelley Zalis and the rest of IFILM's executive team," said Wendle. "I am proud of IFILM's accomplishments and confident in Adam's ability to manage and grow the business."

Frank, who has been working directly under Wendle since November 2001 as COO, will assume the position of CEO effective immediately and report to the company's Board of Directors. While at IFILM during 2001 and 2002, Frank worked to double revenue, expand client rosters, and streamline the overall business by decreasing operating expenses by 25%. Ifilm.com has attracted XX advertisers, and XX unique visitors monthly. Under the leadership of Shelley Zalis, OTX saw exponential growth in 2002. OTX continues to pioneer cutting edge research tools and validate online research as a more effective alternative to traditional methods.

Prior to joining IFILM, Frank was at Yahoo! where he developed strategic partnerships with major media and entertainment companies including Conde Nast, Disney, Knight-Ridder, Rolling Stone, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and USA Films. Before Yahoo!, Frank served as CEO of TK Theatres, a leader in design and sales of high-end home movie theatres. Frank holds a MBA and JD from New York University. He received his BA in Political Science from Boston University.

"Kevin has done a fantastic job of not only piloting IFILM through a difficult economic environment but also building a successful, sustainable business," said Frank. "I am proud to have been part of that, and look forward to continued collaboration with our incredible management team led by Shelley Zalis, Blair Harrison, Adam Stein, , and Jeff Black as we steer the company to further growth."

IFILM Corp. (www.ifilm.com) is a leading consumer destination and entertainment marketing resource comprising the IFILM Network, Online Testing Exchange and the Hollywood Creative Directory. The IFILM Network contains one of the world's largest collection of short films and movie clips available to watch online, and is now one of the top ten streaming video sites on the web attracting a monthly audience of over XX million coveted "buzz-building" entertainment consumers. The IFILM network also includes online distribution partners including Windows Media, and Real Networks as well as offline distribution partners including Lifetime Television and AMC Theaters. OTX: The Online Testing Exchange (otx.ifilm.com), is the industry's premier online market research agency providing research and analysis products. IFILM also operates Hollywood Creative Directory (hcdonline.com), publishers of the renowned Hollywood Creative Directory. IFILM is a privately-held company based in Hollywood, California with investors that include Axiom Ventures, Inc., Eastman Kodak Company, Liberty Digital, Rainbow Media, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Yahoo! and Vulcan Ventures, Inc.



Melissa Zukerman
Zukerman PR