September 13, 2004

Cellomics Launches 'Club HCS' Interactive User Forum and On-line Resource Center

Pittsburgh, PA (September 13, 2004). -- Cellomics, Inc., the creator of and market leader in High Content Screening (HCS), announced today the launch of Club HCS, a new on-line user forum and information resource center. This is another addition to the new interactive website launched by Cellomics last year.

With nearly a decade of experience in developing automated high content cell analysis solutions for drug discovery and systems biology, and the largest user base behind it, Cellomics now offers an interactive user forum and resource center for its customers and users of high content screening technology. "As our installed base grows and HCS technology moves into mainstream use within pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic laboratories, our customers have asked us to create on-line resources where they can get technical information and share experiences with each other," states Joseph Zock, Sr. Director of HCS User Services at Cellomics. "Last year we developed a 4-day training class, called HCS101, which has been tremendously successful. We are now expanding that class to include access to on-line technical resources, training presentations and an interactive forum where researchers can come to obtain valuable technical information and share their experiences."

"Club HCS represents another valuable development from our HCS Center of Excellence that was formed late last year. Our customers have developed a tremendous knowledge base in the field" commented Daniel J. Calvo, President and CEO of Cellomics, "Club HCS is a response to requests from our customers for an HCS Community where they can interact with each other, get advice on new technologies and share experiences." In addition to HCS101 and the new Club HCS on-line interactive forum and resource center, Cellomics also organizes user group meetings and conferences where researchers can share their experiences and learn from other scientists who are also using HCS.. "We have had a long history of holding User Group Conferences and Scientific Meetings about HCS applications. This past January, we held a half-day user group meeting in conjunction with the Cambridge Healthtech Institute's High Content Analysis Conference. Just last quarter, we held a site-based user conference one of our key collaborative sites, and beginning this summer, we have started a series of on-site workshops, focusing on using HCS technology in high profile areas such as GPCRs, apoptosis, and toxicology" added Judy P. Masucci, Director of Marketing at Cellomics. "This is a reflection of our commitment to continue to provide educational resources to our customers."


About Cellomics Cellomics, Inc. is automating drug discovery through a unique, cell-based assay platform that addresses the needs of Drug Discovery and Systems Biology groups by offering complete systems for High Content Screening. The platform includes HCS instrumentation (both fixed end-point and kinetic systems), informatics, cellular image analysis software (BioApplications), fluorescent reagents, kits, cell lines, and multiparametric assays. When applied to early drug discovery, this platform is proving to reduce the 'idea-to-discovery' cycle time in drug discovery, while increasing the probability of the therapeutic success of leads as well as enhancing throughput in systems biology and basic research. Cellomics' proprietary platforms, including the ArrayScan(r) and KineticScan(r) HCS Readers, along with BioApplications software and High Content Informatics (HCi(tm)) suite, are in use at multiple sites within all of the top fifteen pharmaceutical companies, as well as leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and academic centers globally. For more information about Cellomics, visit our website at

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