June 29, 2004

Cellomics and GE Healthcare Collaborate To Provide Faster and More Effective Cellular Screening Solutions

Software Development and Commercialization Agreement Offers Informatics Solution for High Content Cellular Analysis

Pittsburgh, PA (June 29, 2004) - Cellomics, Inc. and GE Healthcare (a combination of the former Amersham and GE Medical Systems) today announced a software development and commercialization agreement aimed at facilitating faster and more efficient drug development. Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will collaborate to develop and market an interface that permits High Content Screening (HCS) analysis utilizing both GE Healthcare's sub-cellular imaging instruments and Cellomics' high content informatics (HCi*) platform.

Under the agreement, Cellomics will develop and sell software that allows data and images generated by GE Healthcare's IN Cell Analyzer 3000 and IN Cell Analyzer 1000 sub-cellular imaging systems to be extracted and interrogated by Cellomics® Store and vHCS* Discovery ToolBox, key components of Cellomics' HCi platform. When used with the IN Cell Analyzer 3000 and IN Cell Analyzer 1000 systems, the software will enable researchers to easily store, mine and interpret data, and so make faster and more informed decisions in their drug development process.

"This collaboration with Cellomics supports GE Healthcare's strategy of helping customers improve efficiencies in gathering, analyzing, and understanding complex drug development information," said Michael Evans, vice president of marketing and strategy, Discovery Systems, GE Healthcare. "Aided by Cellomics' informatics software, users of our IN Cell Analyzer 3000 and IN Cell Analyzer 1000 systems will be able to mine and interpret data more easily."

"Our customers have found high value by utilizing our proprietary HCi solutions for the management and analysis of their HCS data," commented Daniel J. Calvo, president and CEO of Cellomics. "These tools are vital to the success of HCS programs in both drug discovery and basic life science research. We are pleased that we will be able to combine our informatics solution expertise with GE Healthcare's cellular analysis products to drive towards the ultimate goal of cutting drug development time."

About Cellomics Cellomics, Inc. is automating drug discovery through a unique, cell-based assay platform that addresses the needs of Drug Discovery and Systems Biology groups by offering complete systems for High Content Screening (HCS). The platform includes HCS instrumentation (both fixed end-point and kinetic systems), informatics, cellular image analysis software (BioApplications), fluorescent reagents, kits, cell lines, and multiparametric assays. When applied to early drug discovery, this platform is proving to reduce the 'idea-to-discovery' cycle time in drug discovery, while increasing the probability of the therapeutic success of leads as well as enhancing throughput in systems biology and basic research. Cellomics' proprietary platforms, including the ArrayScan® and KineticScan® HCS Readers, along with the HCi software platform and BioApplications, are in use at multiple sites within all of the top fifteen pharmaceutical companies, as well as leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and academic centers globally. For more information about Cellomics, visit our website at www.cellomics.com.

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