May 21, 2002

Cellomics Inc. Takes High Content Screening to a New Dimension with its vHCSTM Information Management Software Suite

Pittsburgh, PA - Cellomics, Inc. announced today the launch of the new dimension in High Content Screening (HCS) that accelerates "idea to discovery." Virtual High Content Screening (vHCS) permits customers to distribute and expand HCS capability throughout the enterprise using any desktop PC to perform vHCS on data generated from any HCS instrument anywhere in the organization. Recognizing the need for expanded access to state-of-the-art cell analysis technology, along with the ever-increasing need for connectivity, Cellomics’ vHCS Information Management Software Suite enables global HCS capabilities that are aligned with research and screening workflow patterns. As the pioneer in HCS, Cellomics has extended its industry standard platform with a suite of new software tools to satisfy workflow needs in cellular-based discovery.

"Our vHCS Information Management Software Suite will become the backbone of all High Content Screening programs," stated Dr. Albert Gough, VP of Research and Development. "Our customers will be able to access, visualize, analyze and even perform new virtual assays on existing data from anywhere in the organization from a desktop PC."

"Our vHCS suite of software tools includes vHCS-View that allows visualization of HCS assay results; vHCS-Build that creates, manages and analyzes assay data; vHCS-Scan that permits re-scanning of existing cellular image data with any biological application; and vHCS-CellSpace that rapidly discovers cellular relationships identified in the scientific literature," stated Mark Collins, Senior Commercial Manager, HCS Software and Informatics.

Cellomics, Inc. is pioneering the field of cellular knowledge extraction. Its unique technology, referred to as High Content Screening, integrates fluorescent reagents, kits, cell lines, multi-parametric assays, HCS instrumentation (both fixed end-point and kinetics systems), and informatics tools used to achieve a flexible, broadly applicable platform for users in the life sciences. This automated platform, when applied to lead optimization, predictive toxicology, and new target validation, is proving to reduce the "idea-to-discovery" cycle time in drug discovery, while increasing the probability of the therapeutic success of leads. Currently, Cellomics’ proprietary ArrayScan® HCS Systems are in use at multiple sites within the top ten pharmaceutical companies in the world, as well as several additional leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and academic centers.

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